Create professional virtual tours

Impressive virtual tours can be created without being an experienced photographer.


The Matterport Pro2 3D camera is an ideal solution for the presentation of your real estate. Easily and quickly create a digital twin of any space,
whether it is an apartment, hotel or commercial building.


3D camera Matterport Pro2 with a discount of 9000 CZK when entering the discount code 400PRO2HW.



Iveta Jakubíková,
real estate broker,
7 years of experience

What I like about the camera is, that it saves not only my client's time but also mine. It is a great way, how to show the current status of the property. That adds a new level of credibility. Also, the outputs of the camera are really professional.

Tomáš Průcha, real estate broker,
15 years of experience

At my job, I put special emphasis on 3D visualizations with a professional Matterport camera, that I use for more than two years. This device offers complete visualization of the space, so my customers exactly know, what they can expect from the property.

Ing. arch. Miroslav Palma, designer,
5 years of experience

I use 3D cameras from Matterport a lot, especially when creating property passports. I just scan the space and then there is no need for an additional visit for measuring. It is also great, that I can easily share scans with my colleagues, such as electricians or plumbers.

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