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Pronájem 3D kamer Matterport


New: We offer a total of 3 free floor plans for camera rental.

If you don't want to buy a 3D camera right away, we offer several rental options.


How long you rent the camera depends only on you and your needs.

We offer Matterport Pro3, Pro2, Pro2 Light and Leica BLK360 cameras for rental. 

By selecting a specific camera, more information about the rental will be displayed.

Click here to read the loan conditions

  • The customer who borrows the goods is obliged to return them by the agreed date at the latest. The term return means the physical taking back of the goods by the supplier. The complete termination of the loan is considered to be the supplier's confirmation that he has properly taken over the goods and checked their condition and completeness. The inspection is carried out by the company's sales representative.

  • Prior to the origination of the loan, the supplier issues an invoice to the customer as an advance payment in the amount of 100% + a deposit payable no later than 1 day before the agreed loan / shipment by the transport company. Camera deposit amount Matterport Pro2 costs CZK 15,000.Matterport Pro3 CZK 25,000.These prices are only valid if the camera is rented in the Czech Republic.The deposit is refundable upon proper return of the goods to the supplier. 

  • The refundable security deposit in the case of borrowing abroad amounts to: 

Matterport Pro2 2,500 EUR

Matterport Pro3 5,695 EUR

  • All payments between the supplier and the customer are made exclusively by bank transfer.

  • Loaned goods are insured in the ALL RISK variant. This insurance does not include theft insurance. In case of theft, it is necessary to pay the full amount of the damage. In the case of other insured events, the customer is obliged to contact the supplier immediately about the damage and report the situation. In the case of applying all risk insurance, the customer is charged a co-payment in the amount of CZK 1,000.

  • The customer who borrows the goods undertakes that in the event of damage, loss or theft, he will immediately reimburse the supplier for the resulting damage (in full according to the related tax document). The value of the loaned goods, including accessories, is determined in the total amount of the invoice. Any damage can be covered from the security deposit provided.

  • The customer undertakes to return the loaned goods complete, undamaged, in complete and undamaged packaging, including all complete and undamaged accessories. Return means the supplier's confirmation of the completeness and undamaged nature of the returned loan.

  • The Matterport rental set includes a camera, tripod, tripod wheels, protective case, iPad, protective case for iPad, LED light, hosting.

  • By paying the advance invoice, the customer agrees to the rental conditions and the Matterport set rental process.

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