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How to resolve scan error messages

The most common scanning error messages

Note: Error messages are intentionally listed in English.

Capture errors and warnings

"Alignment error" / "No alignment. Scan again, closer to previous scans."

("Alignment problem" / "No alignment. Scan again, closer to previous scans.")

Try the following steps to resolve alignment issues.

  1. Move the camera closer to where you performed the previous scan.

    • The data from the new scan overlaps with the data from the previous scan.

  2. Mark windows and mirrors.

    • At the same time, mark other shiny surfaces in the application (for example, stainless steel refrigerators).

  3. Leave the objects in their places.

    • If objects such as chairs have been moved, return them to their original location and scan again.

  4. Be careful when scanning under certain conditions, such as:

    • Direct sunlight.

    • Large open spaces.

    • Outdoor spaces.

    • Spaces with repeating elements or architecture.

    • Spaces with a small number of objects (such as an empty hall).

  5. Use various objects to help you align the scans.

    • If you are scanning spaces that are empty, you can use various objects (furniture, machines, etc.) to help Capture recognize and combine individual scans.

  6. Make sure you have consistent lighting conditions.

    • Try to keep the lighting conditions in the scanned areas consistent. Radically different lighting in rooms can lead to scanning alignment problems.

"Low certainty. Verify or delete scan."

("Low match. Verify or delete scan.")

In the preview, make sure that the scans are in the correct positions. If everything is OK, continue scanning. If the scans are in the wrong parts of the preview map, delete them and scan again.

"Camera unstable. Tighten mount or tripod."

("The camera is unstable. Attach the bracket and tripod.")

Attach both the bracket and the tripod itself and try scanning again. If the error message continues to appear, make sure you are using the correct type of bracket.

"Camera calibration error"

("Camera calibration problem")

This message usually means that the scans are being completed, but with little accuracy - check the visual quality of your models after uploading them to the Matterport Cloud. If the scans are not sharp or you repeatedly receive this error message, contact our technical support .

Other errors and their solutions

Capture has frozen

  1. Open the list of your active applications.

    • Press the home button on your device twice.

    • If your device does not have a home key, swipe from the bottom of the screen.

  2. Find the Capture app and swipe to exit.

  3. Quit other applications you are not using.

  4. Return to the home screen and reopen Capture.

I can't connect to my camera

  1. Make sure the camera is turned on.

    • Matterport Pro2 automatically shuts off after 30 minutes of inactivity.

  2. Make sure the camera is fully charged.

    • When fully charged, try connecting to the camera again.

It takes a very long time to connect to the camera

  1. Turn the camera off and on.

    • The camera screen displays the message "Camera warming up". It takes up to 45 seconds for the camera to start up fully.

  2. Close and restart Capture.

I lost connection to the camera

  1. Make sure the camera is turned on.

  2. Make sure the camera is fully charged.

  3. Make sure you are connected to the camera's Wi-Fi network.

    • If you move away from the camera, you will lose the connection and the connection will automatically switch to mobile data.

  4. Check the signal strength of the Wi-Fi network.

  5. Move the device closer to the camera.

  6. Try disabling the following:

    • Bluetooth

    • Mobile data

    • Microwave ovens

    • All other Wi-Fi networks

The "Capture" button is grayed out and cannot be clicked

You may have lost the connection to the camera - try connecting again.

The camera does not rotate

  1. Turn off the camera "hard".

    • To switch off, press the "Power" button for five seconds. Then turn on the camera again.

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