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Individual Cloud

SMAR individual cloud extends the ability to customize Matterport virtual tour using SDK and API

New features for 920 Kč, pay only for what you actually use

Individual cloud features:

  • Insert your own logo

  • Custom audio guide or background music

  • Virtual tour homepage

  • View the premises on an interactive map

  • Inserting a panoramic photo

  • Categorization of Mattertags (virtual captions)

  • Live data

  • Minimap display

  • Possibility to charge for a tour

  • Virtual wall

  • Custom database for files, photos and videos

Matterport individual cloud
Matterport cloud
Matterport individual cloud

Insert your own logo

Matterport vlastní logo
  • make yourself known, put your company logo in the virtual tour.

  • interesting feature for real estate agents, architects, developers

Virtual staging

Matterport virtual staging
  • allows inserting a 3D model / furniture into the virtual tour

  • suitable for: real estate agents, theatres / stages (possibility of inserting props), architects and developers

Custom audio guide or background music

  • the ability to play music in a loop in the virtual tour

  • use: museums, hotels, restaurants, galleries

Matterport virtual staging

Home page of the virtual tour

View spaces on the interactive map

Interactive panoramic photo

  • insert links to scanned objects into the panoramic photo

  • function suitable for cities, real estate agents, bar, hotel and restaurant owners

List of information points

Matterport cloud
  • you can include a list of information points in your presentation to help you navigate better

  • solutions suitable for larger buildings, museums, galleries, shopping centres

  • possibility of filtering by keywords

Ukázku kategorizace informačních bodů naleznete zde

Live date

  • display live data in a virtual tour  (temperature, brightness, noise, humidity, etc.)

  • use in smart homes, industrial buildings

Matterport cloud

Interactive floor plan

Matterport cloud
Matterport cloud
  • insert an interactive floor plan into the presentation for better orientation

  • solutions suitable for larger buildings, museums, galleries, shopping centers, city offices

  • possibility of switching  between inspection and floor plan

Charging for the tour 

  • time code option

  • possibility of charging a fee for a tour of the building

  • solutions for museums, exhibition halls, castles, galleries...

Matterport zpoplatnění prohlídky

Virtual wall

Matterport virtuální stěna
  • Possibility to insert a virtual wall to prevent looking into a certain part of the tour

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