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Become our Matterport partner/operator

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Expand our existing partner network and join the Capture Service program

If you meet the following conditions, please fill in the application form and we will add you to the other partners

  • Matterport's own camera

  • There are at least three scanned projects in your portfolio

  • Pro-customer approach

  • Scanning within 72 h


Thank you for filling in as soon as possible

How is the scan evaluated?


Space up to 100 m²

CZK 2,000 - CZK 4,000


Space up to 500 m²

CZK 4,000 - CZK 9,000


Area over 500 m²

CZK 9,000 - CZK 30,000

  • These prices do not include VAT

  • (SMAR sro) is the guarantor and intermediary of the Scanning service. We charge a 10% commission for each order

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