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Floor plans

What is a floor plan?
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A floor plan is an architectural drawing that shows the layout of rooms, walls, doors, windows and other elements of a building from a bird's eye view. These plans are essential for planning construction and design projects and for real estate inspections, as they provide an overview of the layout and size of the spaces. Matterport technology makes creating floor plans much easier and faster.


Thanks to 3D scanning, it makes it easy, fast and automatic to generate accurate floor plans without the need for complex technical skills. This technology is ideal for a wide range of users, from real estate agents to civil engineers, and ensures consistent quality output. In addition, the 3D models and floor plans created are easily accessible online, making it easy to collaborate and share information.

It is thus easy to create house floor plans, apartment floor plans, family house floor plans, roof floor plans.

Are you interested in creating a floor plan of your property?

Add even more value to your Matterport Spaces

Create next-level immersive experiences and classic marketing materials at the same time.

Floor plan

Real Estate


Even if sellers are impressed by an immersive virtual tour, they still expect you to use traditional marketing methods like floor plans. Buyers (and especially new homeowners) have come to rely on floor plans to visualize a space. Floor plans are also great for offline use.


Floor plans will complement your marketing portfolio, create a complete listing presentation, attract new sellers, engage more buyers, and ultimately lead to more sales.

Půdorys rodinného domu


Our clients have already liked your Matterport Spaces. Give them another reason to hire you, and offer them a quick and easy addition to your existing photo packages.


Schematic floor plans are an easy way to expand your Matterport portfolio and make every order more profitable.


  • Delivery within 2 working days

  • Floor plans are delivered in a ZIP file that includes PNG and PDF files.

  • Each individual floor is delivered in PNG format as a separate file.

  • All floors together are delivered in one PDF file

  • Rooms on the property that are not scanned will not be included in the floor plan area calculation.

  • Schematic floor plans are accurate to within 1 to 2% of reality.

  • Option to insert your own room description in any language​

  • Spaces over 2300 m² are not supported


With any paid Matterport subscription, you can get a floor plan within 48 hours.


Need it faster? Get Express (6 hours) or Fast (24 hours) for an additional fee.


Floor plan price by subscription type

Free Plan - floor plans are not available for this type

Starter Plan - 20 EUR

Professional Plan - 15EUR (up to 48h), 20EUR (up to 24h), 35EUR (up to 6h)

Business Plan - 13EUR (up to 48h), 20EUR (up to 24h), 35EUR (up to 6h)

Other options

More examples of floor plans created with Matterport
Floor plan of a family house
půdorys rodinného domu
půdorys rodinného domu
půdorys rodinného domu
Floor plan of the apartment
půdorys bytu
půdorys bytu
půdorys rodinného domu
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