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Meet Capture Services

By using the Scanning service, you have the opportunity to scan the Spaces and create a virtual tour by our qualified partners. We have the most extensive network in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, we have a total of over 250 qualified photographers. No training or equipment is required to use this service.

Matterport skenování

How does it work?

Based on the information you fill in, we will select the partner that best suits your requirements. The scan itself will then take place and after uploading to cloud storage you will be sent access to the virtual tour. The whole process will take no more than 72 hours from the time you fill out the form


fill in the form


Perform the scan itself


We will provide you with an ideal partner

How much does it cost?

  • 0 – 100 m² 5 000,- Kč

  • 100 - 200 m² 6 000,- Kč

  • 200 - 300 m² 7 000,- Kč

  • 300 - 400 m² 8 000,- Kč

These prices do not include VAT
Prices are informative


Space from 200 to 500 m²

EUR 235 - EUR 352

Uvedené ceny jsou bez DPH


Space over 1000 m²

EUR 550 - individually

Services included

  • Transportation (within 50 km)

  • Technician work

  • Creating a tour

  • Floor plan (Floorplan)

  • Hosting (3 months included) next 3 months 300 CZK quarterly

Additional services

  • Photo of a drone

  • Custom web interface

  • Minimap

  • Insert your own logo

  • Musical background  

  • Possibility to pay for the  virtual tour

How long does the scan take?

Each scan takes about 60 seconds. This includes: • Pressing the Scan button in Capture • Scanning and rotating the Matterport camera • Transferring data from the camera to the iPad • Aligning the scan with the previous scan and quickly checking for deviations • Moving the camera to a new position

Scanning time depends on the size, complexity of the object and the number of individual scans. A smaller single-storey apartment takes approx. 1 hour, a 3000 m² production hall approx. 8 hours. The number of floors of the scanned object and the staircase layout play a big role. 

Advantages of Matterport

The virtual tours created with Matterport Pro2 cameras are the most accurate 3D models of real places - whether they are rooms or entire buildings. Virtual tours allow you to simplify the idea of what the space really looks like and increase the chances that a customer will visit you.

Do you want to become our partners?

Expand our existing network of partners and join the Scanning Program.
For more information go to the Partnerships page

Vše v jednom

All in one
Not only will Matterport boost your real estate offer, but it will also make everything easier for you thanks to the automatic creation of the following functions.

  • 3D virtual tours

  • 4K print quality photos

  • schematic floor plans, guided tours and video tours.

You can easily share everything on social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.


Zvýšení příjmů z nemovitostí

Increase in real estate income
Thanks to the virtual tour, potential applicants can view your properties from anywhere and at any time, which increases their attractiveness and interest.

  • Sell the object with a 4-9% higher selling price

  • Reduce sales time by up to 31%

  • 15% more time on the web

Ukázka virtuální prohlídky

Součástí virtuální prohlídky je balíček fotografií, které byly pořízené během skenování

Snížení míry neobsazenosti

Reducing the vacancy rate

In the case of hotels and holiday homes, 3D tours increase bookings, increase occupancy and improve the interest of guests who can get an idea of what to expect.

By presenting your recreational facilities using  Vacasa has been able to improve the experience of its customers and increase the occupancy of its leased properties by 14%.


Powerful feature set

virtuální prohlídky

Mattertags ™
Insert annotations and media into your digital twin to highlight the key features of your property.

virtuální prohlídky

High resolution photos
Automatically generated photos in 4K print quality (only with Pro2 camera).

virtuální prohlídky

Floor plan
Press the button to generate schematic floor plans of your property.


Matterpak ™
A set of digital resources that you can download, edit, and import into third-party programs.

virtuální prohlídky

Measure any object in your space, such as walls, windows, furniture, and more.


Guided tours
Automatically generate video tours that highlight the features of your space.

Capture Services order form

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