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Matterport Pro3

Matterport Pro3

The best priced 3D Camera to provide speedy capture and accelerate project completion with ease


  • Outdoor capture

    • Scans indoor and outdoor to capture entire properties in a
      single, high-quality model—even in full sunlight. 

  • Long range

    • Long-range performance allows for better, easier
      scanning of expansive spaces. 

  • Dependable accuracy

    • High accuracy laser scanner provides more precise
      measurements and higher fidelity 3D models. 

  • Fast scans

    • Faster scan times combined with greater scan range
      results in significant time-savings for larger properties. 

    • Scan 4X faster in extra large spaces and outdoor

  • Professional imagery

    • Professional photo resolution and color quality with
      unlimited 4K print quality photography. 

  • The best price-performance mix

    • A fraction of the price of similarly-performing capture

  • High accuracy (0.2% deviation) ±20mm (Pro2 deviation ±1%)

  • Sensor range 20m (Pro2 4.5m)​

Documentation of a family house under construction

Pro3 is designed to capture a property in its entirety, both indoors and outdoors, and to do so with a high degree of measurement accuracy using LiDAR technology. With impressive speed, range, and portability, you’ll enjoy reduced scan times for large spaces. 

With Pro3, you can:

  • Scan large spaces faster. Scan spaces in a fraction of the time with superior scan time and fewer scans needed per area.

  • Unlock outdoor scanning. Capture indoors and outdoors, even in full sunlight, with a single device.

  • Enjoy high accuracy. Pro3 captures accurate depth information for floor plans and BIM.

  • Benefit from workflow integration. Accelerate your design and build schedules by integrating features like BIM, E57, and MatterPaks.

You need to have a Professional plan or higher. Note that no Classic plans can use the Pro3. You need to switch to one of our current plans in order to upload Pro3 scans to your account.


Unboxing, Connecting to Capture, Tips

How Does Pro3 Compare to Pro2?

Both cameras offer excellent value and performance. The Pro3 has some new features and advantages compared to Pro2, including:

  • Full-sun outdoor capture. The upgraded camera and software allows one single, high quality model for full-sun capture outdoors. Because Pro3 uses LiDAR instead of Structured Light, the sun is no longer an issue when scanning. This also eliminates depth issues with windows and skylights indoors.

  • Longer range. The Pro3 can capture up to 100 meters for use in E57 and BIM files. For processed models, it captures up to 20 meters. It also uses ultra wide angle capture, and has improved alignment of scans captured farther from each other.

  • Faster scanning. The Pro3 sweep time is faster than Pro2, at less than 20 seconds. Pro3’s longer range also allows for more distance between scans, which means that fewer scans are needed to cover the same area as Pro2 would require. Depending on the space you’re scanning, you still might need a similar number of scans to ensure ease of navigation.

  • Higher accuracy. Pro3 and Pro2 have comparable accuracy when it comes to measurements you and visitors to your space take in Showcase. For generation of files like E57s, Pro3 offers improved accuracy, with an error rate of approximately 20 millimeters at a 10 meter range.

Best Practices for Scanning with Pro3

In general, the same best practices you might be familiar with from using Pro2 apply when it comes to scanning with Pro3.

However, with some of the advantages that Pro3 offers, there are a few new things to keep in mind.


Now that you can scan outdoors, you need to think about windows on both sides. In the daytime, windows are transparent from the inside, and from the outside they act like mirrors. In the nighttime, this is reversed. Make sure to mark your windows in the Matterport app. You can mark just one side of the window and the app will understand that there is scan data on both sides. 

Spacing Between Scans

For most indoor environments, space your scans the same as you would for Pro2 or any other camera. This is for navigation purposes, so your visitors can navigate through the indoor space as expected.

For large, open indoor spaces, we recommend keeping your scans within about 8 meters (approximately 25 feet). The Pro3 lets you spread out more than Pro2 in this situation thanks to its improved range.

When you’re scanning outdoors, we recommend no further than 5 meters (about 16 feet) when you’re near a building exterior. This spacing helps you get good color imagery without too much of an angle. 

For open outdoor spaces, our recommendation is the same as it is for large, open indoor spaces: stay within 8 meters (approximately 25 feet).

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