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Matterport camera warranty claims are divided into warranty and post-warranty claims. Please follow the instructions for a trouble-free handling of the claim.

The most common questions can be found HERE.

The camera is still under warranty

Fill in the complaint form

We will keep you informed about the progress and development of the complaint

If the claim is accepted by Matterport, we will send a prepaid label to ship the camera

Pack the camera (without accessories) and ship the camera using UPS shipping

After the camera is shipped, you will send us the tracking number of your order

Matterport determines that the camera is in transit and ships a new camera to your address

The camera is out of warranty

  • The customer handles the complaint himself

  • Contact Matterport support team (

  • You will then communicate with Matterport

  • All costs are borne by the customer

  • The customer confirms to the technical department that he agrees to the repair

  • The preliminary cost is 500 € for the camera repair + 35 € for shipping 

  • The customer packs the camera and sends it to the technical department

  • Next, the customer sends the tracking number to the above email

  • Once Matterport registers the dispatch of the camera, it will send you a repaired camera in the same or better technical condition

Reklamační formulář

Nahrát soubor

Děkujeme za odeslání!

Send the camera after warranty to the following address



Matterport: RMA-11271

Conakryweg 1
1047 HS Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between repairing and replacing a camera?

When you return a product to Matterport, you can either repair or replace it

The price is the same whether it is a replacement or a repair

If the customer does not specifically want the existing camera repaired, a refurbished (repaired) camera will be sent to the customer

In the case of AXIS, only the product is replaced

In case of repair:

Request for repair may take up to 3 weeks

Matterport will not provide a replacement camera during the repair period

When sending the camera in for repair, you must provide Matterport with the tracking number of the shipment

In case of replacement: If a replacement camera is requested, a tracking number for the shipment must be provided to Matterport                                                      

Once Matterport receives the camera, they will send you a tracking number for the replacement camera



What is a replacement camera?

If the customer purchased the camera within the last 30 days, it is a replacement for a new camera (Matterport Pro2, Pro3)

If you purchased the camera earlier than 30 days ago, it is a refurbished (repaired) replacement camera

Refurbished cameras are cameras that have been inspected in a similar condition to a new camera


Warranty period

Matterport Pro3 - The warranty period for the Matterport Pro3 camera is 24 months

Warranty does not apply if the camera has been dropped or damaged due to user negligence.

Matterport Pro2 - the warranty period for the camera is 12 months in the case of natural persons and 24 months according to the Civil Code

The warranty does not apply in the case of

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