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First steps with the camera

In this article, we will show you basic information about work with Matterport Pro2 3D cameras. We will take a look at property scanning, scan upload with Matterport Cloud, and sharing with your colleagues and clients. 

Matterport Pro2

Matterport basic equipment – what you will need?

For the work with our 3D camera you will need this basic equipment:

  • Tripod

  • Mobile device with iOS (iPhone or iPad)

  • Matterport Capture App


You can buy all of the equipment mentioned above on our pages.

Matterport Pro2 vybavení
První kroky Matterport

3D scanning – quick and easy

Scanning of the internal and external spaces are easy and you can do it even though you are not a professional photographer. How to do it?

  1. Place 3D camera in the room you want to scan.

  2. Start Matterport Capture App on your mobile device.

  3. On the main page, click on "+" and create a new model.

  4. Hide. The camera is scanning at 360° so it is ideal to leave the room.

  5. Click on "Capture 3D Scan". Matterport camera will scan the space and will send the data automatically to Matterport Capture app on your mobile device. And, that is all!

Matterport Cloud account – edit and share


Matterport Cloud is a place, where you will upload your scans, you can edit them and comment and then share with your customers or colleagues.


Models can be easily shared on social media, send via emails, published on Google Street View, or added to your webpages. You can check how these models look like on our projects page.

Matterport Cloud
Matterport Pro2 first steps

As you can see, 3D scanning is really easy. You only need Matterport Camera, basic equipment, and your space, that you will recreate in a beautiful model.


Do you want to get more information about the camera? Check the link below.

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