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Leica BLK360 camera for rent

Need to expand the scanning range with Matterport or scan outdoor areas? If so, we offer you the rental of a 3D laser Leica BLK360


With this BLK360 3D scanner, you can create virtual tours in spaces and places where the Matterport Pro2 3D camera can no longer 100% detect the space due to size and size or external influences.


BLK360 finds a great application in: concert halls, castles and churches, stadiums, production halls, outdoor spaces - gardens and parks, etc ...


The BLK360 fully works with the Capture application (Matterport), you do not need to use another application or SW. Just turn it on and connect wirelessly to your tablet.


Terms of the loan : deposit of 40,000 CZK + signing of the equipment rental agreement.


Rental price:          1 day 15 125 CZK (tax included)

More days (On demand)

Leica BLK 360
To arrange a specific length and rental rules, contact us via the form.
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