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Space scanning from our partners

If you do not want to buy a Matterport 3D camera and you are worried that you will not be able to control it when renting it, we have a solution for you. We offer you the opportunity to scan the premises with our professional partners.

If you are interested in these services, please fill out the contact form below, including where the scan will take place and we will contact you immediately.

Přibližná velikost objektu

How is the scan evaluated?


Space up to 100 m²

CZK 2,000 - CZK 4,000


Space up to 500 m²

CZK 4,000 - CZK 9,000


Area over 500 m²

CZK 9,000 - CZK 30,000

  • These prices do not include VAT

  • (SMAR sro) is the guarantor and intermediary of the Scanning service. We charge a 10% commission for each order

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