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Can I also shoot videos with the Matterport Pro2 3D camera?

The camera creates scans, which can then be combined into an automatic video tour using a Matterport account.

What mobile operating system do I need for scanning?

Currently, only mobile devices with iOS 10 and higher are supported.

Can I add created scans to Google Street View?

Yes. Matterport currently has an event and all scans can be placed on Google Street View for free.

Is it possible to order training in the use of the camera from you?

Yes. If you are interested in training, contact us at 731 552 205 or using the contact form.

How to become a Matterport Trusted Partner and what are the benefits?

If you are interested in becoming a service partner, you can register directly at Matterport.com. Not only will you be listed on the site as an official partner, but when you request a property scan, Matterport will recommend you as a suitable contractor.