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Real estate

Virtual tours created with Matterport 3D cameras are a great way how to present your property, get more inquiries, and increase the chance for a successful deal. 

Matterport pro makléře

Main benefits

  • Virtual tours save your time and time of your clients.

  • You can show the real condition of the property.

  • Create professional photos and floor plans.

  • You can do everything, even tho you are not a professional photographer.

Matterport Pro2
Matterport Dollhouse

The modern way how to present your properties


With 3D virtual tours, you will become a modern real estate broker. Professional, who is looking for new ways, how to present properties to your customers. Engage your potential customers with beautiful virtual tours, where they can walk through the whole property - any time, anywhere. It is an innovative way, how you can differentiate from your competitors.

95% of people are more likely to call about properties with 3D virtual tours.


A professional virtual tour is more engaging than a standard photo or video.

Iveta Jakubíková

Iveta Jakubíková, real estate broker, 7 years of experience,
2019 real estate broker of the year

What I like about the camera is, that it saves not only my client's time but also mine. It is a great way, how to show the current status of the property. That adds a new level of credibility. Also, the outputs of the camera are really professional.

Wide use of Matterport 3D camera

Virtual tours are not the only way, how you can use our 3D camera. There are many opportunities:

  • Export 4K photos, schematic floor plans or create engaging video walkthrough.

  • Share your properties on Facebook, Instagram, or other social media networks.

  • Publish your properties on Google Street View.

  • Add a virtual tour to your websites and create an amazing portfolio.

The creation of the virtual tour itself is pretty easy. Check it here:

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